Satie, Bohemian from Montmartre: A Cabaret

In the late 1800’s, the Parisian cabaret was a stage for artists, poets, and musicians whose credo was wit, inventiveness, and irreverence. Erik Satie, the epitome of eccentricity, electrified the cabarets with his flamboyant personality, biting humor, and outrageous pronouncements. This concert recaptures the kaleidoscopic life of a Montmartre cabaret through humorous and satirical writings by Satie and his collaborator, the poet Alphonse Allais.

A dramatic story from Satie’s past unfolds underneath the glittering surface of anecdotes and social satire, fueled by the music of Satie, Debussy, and contemporaneous cabaret songs and instrumental works. For the premiere, the Parisian cabaret chanteuse Denise Bahous, who revived the repertoire of the famous Yvette Guilbert from Le Chat Noir, joined ERC musicians.

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Written by James Melo
Directed by Donald T. Sanders
Set & Costumes by Vanessa James

March 14, 15, & 18, 2007

The Kosciuszko Foundation
15 East 65th Street, NY, NY