The Dreyfus Affair

When the Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus was accused of treason in 1894 and imprisoned, French society erupted into a fireball of anti-Semitism and political partisanship that called into question the very nature of French identity. This tragic private drama played out in a very public arena; not only the press but also artists, writers, and musicians became entangled in a controversy which lasted almost two decades and continues to resonate to this day.

A poignant script based on Dreyfus’s letters and diaries and other contemporary sources — such as Zola’s article J’Accuse — is interwoven with music of transcendent pathos, including Franck’s Piano Quintet in F minor, Ravel’s Deux mélodies hébraïques, and arias from Halévy’s La Juive, capturing the human and sociopolitical drama of this turbulent period.

The Dreyfus Affair was again produced in 2017 at BAM Fisher (Fishman Space) – Learn More

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Written by Eve Wolf
Directed by Donald T. Sanders
Set & Costumes by Vanessa James

February 7, 8 & 10, 2007
The Kosciuszko Foundation
15 East 65th Street, NY, NY