The Dreyfus Affair

False arrest. Intrigue. Conspiracy. Undying Love.

The treason conviction of an innocent Jewish artillery officer, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was sentenced to solitary confinement on Devils Island in 1894, tore France apart in a seismic political clash between progressive Dreyfusards and right-wing anti-Dreyfusards that pitted friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors. The “Affair” is a story of political passions, political will, and unswerving loyalty that resonates to this very day.

Featuring the music of Ravel, Franck, Halévy, Rameau, and Ligeti. 

Max Von Essen as Alfred Dreyfus
Mark Evans as Matieu Dreyfus
Meghan Picerno as Lucie Dreyfus
Peter Scolari as Émile Zola

As well as Daniel Rowan, Dee Pelletier, Mark Andrew Coffin, Mark Light-Orr, Richard Waddingham and Timothy McDevitt.

Grace Park, Violin
Daniel Cho, Violin
Chieh-Fan Yiu, Viola
Nico Olarte-Hayes, Cello
Jake Chabot, Flute and Piccolo
Parker Ramsey, Organ and Harpsichord
Max Barros, Piano 

The Dreyfus Affair is the third and final production in a trilogy of ERC historic music dramas at BAM.  Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon (2015) and Akhmatova: The Heart is not made of Stone (2016), the first two of the trilogy, each received NY Times critics’ pick.

Casting by Stephanie Klapper Inc. 

This event is presented by Ensemble for the Romantic Century. BAM house, ticketing, and membership policies may not apply. 

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April 27 - May 7th 2017

BAM Fisher (Fishman Space)
321 Ashland Place
Brooklyn NY, 12217

Written by Eve Wolf
Directed by Donald T. Sanders

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